I pronounce my surname basically the same way that you would pronounce the word "care". On the other hand, I'm very used to people pronouncing it like "cur" or "car", so don't worry if you get it wrong, I'll still respond!

Non-maths family photo

From left to right: my mum, my dad, my brother, me

Other interests:

Outside of maths I enjoy taking part in various sports, such as football, futsal, rowing, skiing, climbing, cycling, and running. I am also an Arsenal season ticket holder (which is is occasionally fun, but often not). When I am not doing sports or maths I am most likely playing video games, specifically Rocket League, which is basically football with rocket powered cars.

Saints (St John's and St Anne's) Cuppers winning team, 2020

Breaking the world record for the number of players in a Rocket League match (104) to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation